Pastel paintings. Click on thumbnail to view a larger image.

"Time Out" (Limited edition prints only)“Cry Baby” (Limited edition prints only)"Catch of the Day" 16x12"Senior Portrait" 14x10"Bulldozing" 25x18
"Siberian Express" 30x15"Sidetracked" 21x11"Turn of Events" (Limited edition prints only)"Twilight Reverie" 16x22"Come-Bye" (Limited edition prints only)
"Nearly Spring" 18x24"Pack of Wolves" (Limited edition prints only)"Wild Eyed" 7x9"High Dive" 22x14“BLM Mustang Up for Adoption” 24x18
"How Much Wood?" (Limited edition prints only)"Cliff Hanger" 24x19"Daybreak on Lookout Mountain" 20.5x24"Casanova" 10x8"Getting to Know You"  17.5x17.5
"Ripple Effect" (Limited edition prints only)"Feeding the Bums" (Limited edition prints only)"Whitey" 30x22"Wildcatting" 14x8"Young and Restless" (Limited edition prints only)
"Doin` the Monster Mash" 18x18"That`ll Do" 17x13"Fair Warning" 13x20"Lone Ranger" 9x12"Old Acquaintances" (Sold)
"Making Waves" (Sold)Heads N Tails (Sold)"Babe in the Woods" 9x9"Here Comes Trouble" 9x9"Sweet Talker" 15x18
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" 20x14"Shakedown" 28x21"Show Off" 18x24"Easy Rider" 19x19

Most paintings are also available as limited edition archival reproductions.

Please contact me for prices.